Tuesday, March 08, 2011


* You are NOT gonna believe what I saw this morning! If it weren't 4 all the others who witnessed it, I would've thought I was dreaming or something.
This morning on the J bus to Montgomery Mall, jam-packed as always. I get on in Bethesda. I had to stand up, no problem, getting off @ the next metro/train stop. Front of the bus, a bunch of ladies sitting on both sides, and one lone young
Black dude (age 19-22?), sitting between 2 older White women. You know how the Young Punks wear their pants DOWN LOW (they have no clue!), so his pants were already 1/2 way down as he was sitting. Dude leans back, smiles, and...
whips out his penis and jerks off like there's no tomorrow! I'm standing there w/ my tall ass, getting a full ... um,view! I'm going, "OMG! OMG! Jesus Christ!" Dude was rock hard and getting harder and stiffer and looking apparently at one of the ladies sitting across from him. One of the older White women, sitting to his right, says something to him. So, he moves.... ACROSS the aisle, sits down...
and starts jerking off AGAIN! The bus was way too crowded for anyone in the back or middle to go tell the bus driver, and since it was a bunch of women sitting up front, I'm sure they were 2 shocked and/or scared to say anything. People whispered, two older Black women had a disgusted look on their faces,(even though they kept turning their heads 2 see it), but nobody said anything out loud. Two older Black men (foreign), got off the bus, simulating with their hands, jacking off and they were laughing out loud. All the women were up front, Black, White, Latina, young, old, in between... didn't find it funny. Duh!
So he gets off @ Medical Center station and then everyone bum rushes the bus driver 2 tell him what had happened. Dude is walking like his penis had turned to stone! He had the nerve 2 bum a cigarette! Then he watched all us females pointing 2 him, so he hides by the escalators at a closed door in the corner, prolly jerking off again. Must've woke up hard and couldn't get relief. Nigga made me late!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I just have some free time, and I was relaxin' so... I decided to post on here....

*I loved the movie The Social Network. I am only commenting now b/c recently I saw actor Jesse Eisenberg was on SNL with the "real" Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, it was awkward and funny, with Adam Samberg adding to it!

Also, I loved Get Him to the Greek! This movie had me laughing before I even sat down in the seat! I don't know who was better in this flick. The yummy Russell Brand, Jonah Hill or Diddy! I was very surprised Diddy had such comedic flair!

Also, Kick Ass was a great movie! I love HIT GIRL! She is the s*@>T!

Three great movies of 2010, along with Russell Crowe and Cate Blancett in Robin Hood, the Losers with Chris Evans and Idris Elba and others I mentioned last month on this blog.

*BLACK WOMEN AND JESUS-- Here we go again!
I hear Black women say this crap all the time: "Jesus is my Man", or, "I'm married to Jesus", et al. The problem with this concept is .... You ARE STILL SHARING HIM WITH OTHER WOMEN!

*About two or three weeks ago, I read about Border's going into bankruptcy. I was gonna post it on my blog, but then I thought I had time. Well, no such a thing... last week, the Borders @ Friendship Heights has a guy wearing a big sign, saying "Liquidation, Store Closing, Everything Must Go".. My heart is broken! Book Lovers everywhere are in dismay, although there's still Barnes & Noble, it's like having two kids and one is leaving forever...

*DNA Scientists have reported that 99% of African-Americans have European blood. That's virtually all of us! They also say a good 35-72% of African-Americans "may" have Native-American blood. If u doubt that, look at Obama's daughters; they have one White grandmother. DNA scientists and historians and archaeologists also say there is no such thing as "race", and that there is virtually no "pure race" human at this time in human history; it's just impossible. So why can't we all just get along? Because of the "RACE" we are in for dominance and survival????

Oh how I wish more Black folks (particularly African-Americans) would take education, academia and knowledge, more seriously. I am tired of seeing, mediocre at best, in attitudes and behaviour, taken directly from slavery, passing it on from generation to generation. You cannot make a smart man a slave. You can only be a slave if you are dumb enough to become and STAY a slave! Why do you think it was against the law for slaves to know how or learn to read? The test case that "Massuhs" everywhere learned, was my childhood favourite, author and poet, Phyllis Wheatley. I know her story well. She was snatched from Africa at 7 years old, (her words), and brought to America where the Wheatley's daughter, mostly, taught her to read, in English, Greek and Latin. She was most accomplished and made money with her writings. The pen truly is mightier than the sword. When a revolution or occupation takes over a nation, they gather up the writers first! There'll be no liberation of the minds of the people we are to oppress! Now, if you get them as children, say through the foster care system, you have destroyed the potential genius of a child, who has no home, no parents, no love, they are just a paycheck and a case number. I am tired of telling Black folks to wake the hell up! We've heard this forever,, and yet it seems, as Professor John McWhorter says, in his pivotal book, Losing the RACE, that we seem to be accepting and encouraging ignorant behaviour and not even trying to excel, in any area.I saw John McWhorter on a news show several years ago, (1999? 2000?) and I promptly went out and brought his book. Now, lest yous say, I am airing dirty laundry, let me tell you, I DON'T CARE! Black folks can't afford to be ignorant! A lot of what we do comes directly from our experiences in slavery, which explains why we suck at relationships. We have no relationship skills. After the Civil War, the former masters of former slaves, weren't caballing around saying, "We better teach them niggers to read, write, count, reason, think critically and how to communicate effectively with one another, so they can build strong relationships and strong families and strong communities!" Peshaw! So when a Black guy comes to a Black woman and says, "We just friends, but I like you and we need to get together for some nookie", it is reminiscent of slavery, where Massuh let the Young Buck stud many "gals" (except his bedwench), so he could breed those children and sell them. That way, the Black male, who could not protect nor provide for his woman nor his children, left the responsibility to the White Man, his Massuh. We dare continue this foolish slave behaviour? Black women, for the most part, understand, at some level, what's going on. I believe there is a war on Black Women, Women of All Races actually, but more so against the Black woman. Misogyny in action. The push has been on for several years to make Black women think, we have no men interested in committing to us. From Time Magazine, to CNN to Steve Harvey (I don't care what nobody says, a woman can NOT act like a woman and think like a Man-duh!),[it's physically and emotionally impossible], to Tyler Perry always having the same formula for his plays and movies, Black women, usually the "momma" type, as the crackhead, whore, promiscuous, lascivious, pitiful, neglectful, stereotypical female of a mom! Besides, who in their right mind, takes relationship advice from a COMEDIAN? I read that book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, and I found it to be ridiculous. And Essence magazine has given him more space to lead women into the 40 years of wilderness in the dry ass desert! So one day, he gets on this tv show, and he says Black men do love Black women, they say they love your attitudes, and your curves and your sass and your wit! Ummm, hello, that translates into, we just wanna F**K you! We don't need commitment for that! They love your bodies? STOP TAKING RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM STEVE HARVEY! He got most of his stuff from a book that came out before Act Like..., by a former "pimp" by the name of Big Boom. In this book, Big Boom, author of If You Want Closure, Start With Your Legs, and How to Duck A Suckah (both very funny books), Boom, exposes a lot. What he exposed most, is surprising: In the beginning of the book, he talks about his good friend, comedian Steve Harvey! Black people taking relationship advice from comedians, damn, what's next? If I am gonna listen to a comedian, it might have to be Chris Rock. Oh wait, Black women are supposed to be mad at him, for creating/producing the movie, Good Hair. I saw this movie, over the Xmas holidays, and I was astounded. Now I know why non-Black women are so hell-bent on swinging their hair into the faces of Black women, every chance they get! I swing my hair right back, b/c I have that kinda hair, and I get sick of them thinking they are superior b/c of their "hair"? Are you kidding me? Your hair colour, texture, length, makes you a worthy, accomplished human being? For real, fool? Did you feed a child who was hungry today? I did! Did you help an animal in trouble or feed one? I did! Did you teach youngsters to read, write, knit, crochet? I did! I added to the human race! Your hair did not! Stop making Black women who don't have a certain texture or length of hair, feel unworthy or undesirable! What BS!
NOW... to you Black females... nobody, and I mean NOBODY thinks it's your real hair anyway, so stop throwing all your $$$$ away, that could be feeding your kids and paying for your education, for something that is GOING TO MAKE YOU BALD! I know of one lady, I have known for 16 years now, who still wears weave, but where the weave parts, her totally skinned head is showing! I haven't the heart to tell her, but when you stand up and she is sitting down, you can see what wearing weave has done! I am torn b/c of the movie, Good Hair. On the one had, it was enlightening, b/c I had no idea how important this was, and I was heartbroken to find out that Nia Long and Lauren London had fake hair! My daughter says I am hair illiterate! No, I just don't know about weaves and wigs and stuff. BLACK WOMEN with the real, typical hair, the crowns on your heads, b/c it doesn't lay down flat, it stands up like a crown, YOU ARE THE UNIQUE WOMAN OF THE EARTH! You are the only woman on earth that can rock any style on your hair, from cornrows to Afros to locks to braids to wavy to press 'n' curl to curly to whatever! You can have a different hairstyle everyday of the week! And you want flat, straight hair!?! Flat hair is for flat asses! They go together like cake and ice cream! I sometimes wish I had that kind of hair, b/c I am limited in what I can do with my hair, but Black women are right, Black men go crazy for a woman with long hair! I've experienced it all my life! Consequently, Chris Rock's movie, didn't touch on the plight of women with naturally so-called "good" hair. He lumped all Black women in a group together, and basically, made fun of Black women! All this is to prove that there is a definitive WAR AGAINST BLACK WOMEN. I bring this up b/c I was out in DC one night, and there was an Asian woman on the bus. I surmise she just got off the boat recently b/c of her atrocious English (if u want to call it that) and she was swinging her hair like crazy! I have noticed a lot of Asian women doing this in public, so Chris Rock's movie is having a crazed effect on them too. She was jerking her hair as she kept looking at me. , "Oh God", I thought. "here we go again with this hair shit". So before she leaves, she tells the operator how she is so sick and tired of this weave (or maybe said wig), dunno, horrible English) and how she wish it was never invented, it's such a shame), to which the brother did not respond at all, prolly b/c her couldn't understand a damn thing she was saying! I too, wish weave was never invented, my Asian Sistah! The Ethiopians laughed their asses off at her! Why, Chris, why? I believe your daughters will STILL want to wear weave or whatever, get a relaxer or whatever. Yet, everyone, How sad is your life, if the high point of it, is "hair"? It's all dead! That's why when you cut it, it doesn't hurt and it doesn't bleed, just like your fingernails.
This is just another attack on Black women, in the War Against Black Women! Black women, let's Rock the Real, and I guarantee you a whole lotta women will be copying off of YOU!

* People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.-Maya Angelou

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Friday, January 28, 2011


*the weekend of October 30, 2010 was the best! I went to the Rally to Restore Peace and Sanity on Saturday, and met many great people who made me laugh and think, and later we went to Georgetown for the annual craziness that is the Halloween celebration, where everyone dresses up. I did the same thing on Sunday night, where they partied again, and the craziness has spread to other parts of DC, like Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Woodley Park and Friendship Heights. Everybody is happy and joking and friendly. I saw many Lady Gagas,the Smurfs, the FTD man,lotsa pimps, two Cleopatras,a peacock, strawberry shortcake, French maids, Prince, a lady dressed as a champagne glass, the Red Queen, you name it. Best time ever!

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* Boy did I have a hard time getting into my own blog! That's what I get for not posting for so long!

Much to tell:

Actor Randy Quaid has gone public with his experiences of being gangstalked. Currenty he and his wife Evie have moved to Canada, living out of their car, moving around from place to place, as TIs (Targeted Individuals) often do. They are stalked, harassed, set up , lied about, framed, falsely arrested and then released and financially and socially ruined. It is a good thing that Randy Quaid has come forward with his experiences. There is an interview in Vanity Fair magazine this month, worth reading, on the Quaids' experiences, which TIs all over the world have commented on. His wife Evie wasn't portrayed well in the Vanity Fair interview, but Deborah Dupre, a Human Rights Examiner, with Examiner.com, is quite familiar with gangstalking as she has heard from hundreds of TIs from all over the world. Ms. Dupre comments that each TI she has spoken with has the same experiences to one degree or another. There is also Dr. John Hall, of www.freedomfchs.com, who is very familiar with the plight of innocent people targeted for destruction and humiliation.

*As I commented on Facebook in May 2010 about my daughter and I being falsely detained by Takoma Park police and the police running toward my unarmed daughter, who only had her bare hands when they saw her, and the police ran towards her with huge machine gun type weapons, 4 police officers in all. It's fitting today, b/c I requested the police report numbers to my armed robbery with a black gun with ridges on it, which resembled the exact one... the police showed me, after the robbery. Which led to my bank card being used at gas stations, my identity compromised and my credit ruined. I requested it Monday, January 24, 2011, and today, at my bank, CapitalOne (used to be Chevy Chase), the Montgomery County police, Prince Georges police and the Takoma Park police, shot and killed a man who held a hostage. This was the branch where I opened my account in 1987 and have maintained an account ever since. What a coincidence, isn't it? The media said they had to shoot and kill the suspect who was holding a hostage around her neck as he left the bank, with no car to get away. The media and police (they always work together) claim the lady held was a bank employee. I know the area very well, and she was a Starbuck's employee. If you look closely at the video, you will see as she escapes the madman, her green apron falls to the ground. (I worked at Starbuck's and I know the green apron when I see one).

I don't think there is much responsible reporting anymore, but I'd like to ask some questions, like :
*if the police all responded within 20 seconds as MCPD Chief Thomas Manger, and Takoma Park police chief Ron Ricucci, said on camera at 12 noon today, how'd they get the aerial view (prolly a helicopter) to capture the whole stage... oops, the whole scenario? TIs will know exactly what I mean.

*The robbery/hostage situation happened in Langley Park, which is Prince Georges' county; Why did Takoma Park and Montgomery County police respond? Not enough crimes in their juriisdictions? Oh, and the FBI showed up too, I think the reporter said b/c it was a bank robbery.

*Why was this suspect wearing a device the police say was some type of bomb type, strapped to his body, (especially when the woman hostage was in front of him by her neck), if he just wanted cash and then to getaway? And where was he gonna go after he left the bank without a getaway car? Okay, maybe I watch too many movies, but where was his method to get away? A bus? No chance of that happening.

I'd love to hear the TIs response to this. I am sure the video is prolly on YouTube right now.

*Also, I entered the hospital in December 2010 with sever abdominal pain and after a battery of tests, the doctor's could find nothing. Even my regular doctor who said he could see signs of Graves 'disease, (as well as two other doctors over the years), many symptoms that confer that, I was given three 32 ounce cups of a liquid the doctor and nurses at Holy Cross Hospital called "contrast". For a CT scan. Dr. Alan Friedman in his book on thyroid conditions says only very small amounts are to be used, this radioactive iodine. For all I know, it was liquid cancer, b/c about a week afterwards, my hair began to fall out en masse, and I can't keep any food inside, it is expurgated out, and I have a very hard time keeping liquids in, (but the liquids part I've been having for some time).
The oddest part of the hospital visit was the very young, Latino transporter who wheeled me from the ER to the CT Scan room, where as I laid there, he went in a cabinet and poured some liquid from a brown bottle, and told me to drink it! I said, "What's this for?" He replied, "it's to make sure we can get the image correctly".
Now.... I must look like a fool, but I said, "I'm not drinking this shit". He was the guy that wheels you from room to room, WTF?

So if stuff continues to go wrong, (I am losing weight like crazy), I know what's up.

*SnowTanic! I thought last year's snowstorm was bad, but Wednesday, January 26, 2011, is a day that will go down in infamy! It was hell! The worst part is, (and I have several witnesses), it snowed, and rained and there was thunder and lightning! No, I am NOT joking! Many people saw and heard it. Buses abandoned their routes and left the buses on the roads, passengers (of buses and cars) abandoned those vehicles and walked to subway stations. People who were stuck for several hours in vehicles, relieved themselves in snowy bushes on the side of the roads. It took many of us from 3 hours to 12 hours to get anywhere! The transport and streets were excellent in Washington, DC, but Maryland(?), what the HELL? They weren't prepared in the least.

*The Jesus Daily -- straightforward, simple, just Bible verses...Sola Scriptura

*Finally, HealthCare Reform... I've heard a lot of people mad at Obama about the Health Care Reform. I understand both sides of this issue. On one side, you have people who don't want the government to be in their personal, private medical business and they don't want the cost of it. And... on the other side, you have people who have lost everything because of an accident, injuries, medical conditions, and welcome it. I am very surprised to hear from non-Whites who are not pleased with the President's decision, to "spend so much time on health care nd none on jobs". I hear it all the time. Just yesterday, someone was complaining that if you lose your job, your home and your savings, you don't care if you'll have free health care whenever it kicks in. I think it's kinda selfish, b/c a medical disaster or injury can ruin you financially, let me tell ya. Still, people need to work. There's still plenty of us who remember that this problem was left at Obama's feet two years ago, he didn't make it, but people have told me they don't want to hear that. Well enough. Hopefully, the mid-terms (which had an unusually low turnout in November 2010 in Maryland), will shake things up a bit. I support Obama, who along with the Democrats have vowed to work on jobs. In all honesty, these people in Congress, aren't ground troops. They are representatives, and they don't know (prolly) how bad things are on the ground.

*My favourite movies of 2010: Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe), The Losers (with Idris Elba, Chris Evans, Columbus Short and Zoe Saldana), Despicable Me (loved everything about it), and The Other Guys (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg-- hilarious)! Shutter Island was good too, (a gangstalking movie for sure, so is The Losers)

* Oh and one mo' thing... Oprah's new network! Yay! The Queen has her OWN network! I am so proud and awestruck! Although I've been watching Teen Mom (and yelling at the tv in frustration), it's good to see something not so negative and from an African-American woman! Blacks around the world want to be like Oprah, Obama, the rappers, the sports figures, the singers of the African-American persuasion. I don't understand the Blacks that put Oprah down. Are you kidding? Can YOU do what she has done? OKAY!

MY QUOTE: "I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal, b/c I find them the weirdest of all".-
The Hotness/Actor Johnny Depp (Vanity Fair, January 2011, article by Patti Smith

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Monday, August 02, 2010


I know, I know... long time, huh? That's because I don't have any... time, that is. Yet I saw something today and I must comment on it: downtown, Washington, DC. Only 2 city blocks from the White House and young, White, clean, happy, well-fed people are hawking STREET SENSE, a newspaper that "used" to be sold by mostly African-American homeless people. The young, White, well-fed, unemployed are now begging for others to buy the STREET SENSE newspaper to hep out their homeless friends?! The homeless sit destitute in the park off Connecticut Avenue, NW across from the YOUNG-WELL-FEDS, who stand on 17th & K Street with smiles and plenty of enthusiasm, because they have jacked the homeless out of the only way they had to make a living! Welcome to the new American economy.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


For those of u who aren't familiar w/ Black people and their mixed offspring, please see videos below. As any long-time readers know, I write a lot on interracial families, mixed heritage peoples and bi-racial and/or multi-racial children. Most humans are NOT racially pure, this is scientific and historical fact. You would be surprised if you haven't been around the country and the world. Everything is not so easy as Black and White. I contend, RACE is a ridiculous notion. So again, I ask, why do u think they call it "race"?


**** Oh and I 4got somethin' else.... Rest in peace, Naomi Sims, the first famous Black Top Model ever. She was 61 years old and died last week. Broke my heart, again. Breast cancer was the cause. In her pivotal book from 1980 she tells us how to break into modelling and how to take care of ourselves and all u need to know about the business of modelling.



I 4got something, so I'm gonna put it here now b4 I 4get and never come back and post it. It's about MJ's and other biracial,multiracial kids....



Life is like a box of chocolates... u never know what u gonna get.-Forrest Gump


-My heart has been heavy since June 25, 2009. I was at a friend's house and I heard the news and I got angry, thinking "That's not a nice thing to say, it's not funny". Then I saw it on CNN myself. I will put pix up, later, of some scenes I took. I am on here to post this b/c FIRST, as I said before previously on this blog, that Michael Jackson was gangstalked. This is why he is deceased. This is why he went through what he went through all these years. He dared be called the "KING" of pop(ular) music and he dared to be different and look different and he dared to marry not one, but two White women and one-the "King" of Rock, Elvis Presley's daughter. He dared to buy out the catalog of music that included the Beatles' vast collection. They had to bring him down! He wasn't scared. (Listen to Black or White, Scream and Leave Me Alone). He prevailed the vicious attacks against him and with his vitiligo and nose jobs, certain people thought this might turn his own people against him and he'd have no support. The Asians and the Europeans ADORED him. He was really like a king! White women literally threw themselves at him, onstage and off. He had to be brought down! Then he had the nerve to have "White -looking" children (as I hear a number of racists say, Black and White) and a week b/4 he died a mystery death, he was in US Weekly, finally showing his two older children's faces in public. Gasp! They look White! I have heard it too many times. It would appear that MJ had turned his back completely on his Blackness, his African (and Native American) ancestry, as if he thought the world had forgotten how he started out his life and for some twenty or so years after that. (As an odd note, I recalled in June 2009 how the 3 most famous people on earth are all African-American: Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama). When you are good, half the people hate you. When you are excellent, many people hate on you. He dared to excel. He was beloved all over the world, but in his own homeland he was reviled, b/c he was gangstalked. They had to bring him down. (Another side note: the only times African-Americans are united 99% of the time: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's death, Barack Obama's election and inauguration and the death and memorial of Michael Jackson) Seems that way to me and some others I have talked with. I don't know if he was guilty of the charges brought against him, b/c I WAS NOT THERE, so I cannot say, but he was acquitted, not once, but twice. I don't believe everything that I see, read or hear. My momma taught me that. She always told us, "Believe half of what u see and none of what u hear".
Sigh)Once again, I am gonna go out on a limb and give this man the benefit of the doubt. I didn't believe he molested these children years ago for very many reasons, one being child molesters usually start their behaviours early as in their teen years. Another is it would have come out long ago. Yes I questioned his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley and yes, I thought it was a sham, still do. She may have loved or liked him, but I don't think it was anything more than a marriage of convenience, considering her religion. If there was any evidence to bring down this African-American King of Pop, from molesting children, by a jury of his peers after the smear campaign and the relentless twisting of everything this man did, said or people said he did or said, they would have found something to put this man away! But they couldn't find any evidence. The jury acquitted him, but in the court of public opinion, 4 some, he will always be guilty, no matter what. Even if Jordan Chandler comes through and says (as did Mac Culkin, Emmanuel Lewis and others) nothing happened, some people will forever believe MJ was guilty. They believe what they see, hear and read, w/o thinking or reasoning 4 themselves. I don't know, I WAS NOT THERE TO SEE IT. HE WAS ACQUITTED TWICE. Besides, I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of vicious lies, even though the truth was staring people right in their dumb ass faces, and I had witnesses whom I lived with who can verify day after day, I have never done drugs of any sort, ever. Now a drink every now and then with friends or relatives, yeah, no harm in that. Jesus made water into wine at the wedding in Cana. But drugs aint me. If it don't fill my belly I don't want it. I am particular about what I eat too! Back to the King of Pop.... All that said, brings me to thissssssss..........

*ARE MICHAEL JACKSON'S KIDS BIOLOGICALLY HIS? I wish the issue of race would go away b/c I find it a ridiculous notion, but in the Black community, we took everybody in. We had to. We look Blacker than Black all the way to Whiter than White. Has no one ever heard of light-skinned Blacks passing for White? It happened. I still believe that actress Jennifer Beals (Flashdance) and singer Mariah Carey suffered 4 a while in their careers b/c many White people thought they were White and when the truth "came out" that they were both half-Black, half-White, they were ridiculed and scorned. Sad. How about Lena Horne? She was told by Europeans that she should pass for White, years ago. Many, many Blacks passed for White, so for those who think the kids are not MJ's, they could be wrong. I, again, cannot say, either way, b/c once again, I WAS NOT THERE, but... take a look at this

and this....

Black folks know... passing' and vitiligo....

plus this one

Oh, hold up wait a minute, I don't want to 4get this... people expected MJ to be just an average guy. How could he be? He was raised a Jehovah's Witness which means he never celebrated Xmas, Halloween, Easter, he never went to a regular public school, he worked from the age of 5 y.o. and he was famous almost all his life, meaning he couldn't go into a McDonald's, or 7-11 or go to the movies or the park or a playground or a museum, none of that. As 4 his public memorial, in the Jehovah's Witness organization, when u die u have a memorial. This is done 4 ALL Jehovah's Witnesses, this wasn't something just 4 MJ. The televised part, yes,for his fans, but this is a peek inside the Jehovah's Witness lifestyle. I know it and them very, very well. A memorial is not the funeral, it is just what it is: a memorial.
Also, when Janet spoke at the memorial, hoping maybe they would leave Michael Jackson alone in his death (to rest in peace), I knew it would never happen!

Peace be w/ his family, especially his beautiful children. They don't have a mother (don't go there!) and now they have no father.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson
I'm just sayin'...

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


U gotta see this. I highly recommend this film.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Been really busy. I'll tell u all about it some time later. Let's get to it, 'cause I don't have much time...
*I never commented on Rihanna. What's left to say? I never thought the relationship was real to begin with. I always believed when she made that comment about the White boys in Vibe/Source magazine, she created a Blacklash. Wheels in motion sought to turn her attentions elsewhere and now she has gotten her face beat in. I am sorry so many find it okay that Chris Brown beat her ass and choked her, but she has to make a stand for herself and no one else. Screw his career. Did anyone think about her career? She is afterall a Cover Girl? How does this affect her image and Cover Girl's image? In order to love someone else U have to lover yourself first.
*I don't know if it's too late 2 contact MSNBC about The Young Turks. This is a marvelous group of people and the can be found on YouTube @ www.theyoungturks.com. They have some funny stuff on their shows as well as some serious commentary. Some I have remembered have been the 2008 presidential campaigns, Sarah Palin and all, and Rihanna and Chris Brown. They had a campaign to get the timeslot at MSNBC which I think would be great. I love MSNBC with Hardball's Chris Matthews and Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann. Also Rachel Maddow has a show on there. She used to be on Air America Radio, one of my lifelines around 2006.
*AIG? My first instinct was... Aw hell naw! It was then that I realized that what was happening to America had already happened to me. See I was robbed at gunpoint on Saturday, September 27, 2008. The PUNK.B.ASS.NIGGERRRRRR that took my purse used a police gun (imagine that) and used my bank card and ran up the charges and the bank (Commerce at the time, now TD North America), expects me to pay them back. Hahahah! See the connection America? U get robbed and the ones that robbed u want u to pay them for it. Jacked TWICE! By the way, TD North America stands for Toronto Dominion North America. That's right, Toronto, Canada's most popular bank, bought out an American bank. What's next?